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In November 2017 I joined as Content Manager at the Deliveroo UAE office. Working as part of the marketing team, I would write, create, film, edit, photograph and co-ordinate any and all content that was to be shared online. Daily responsibilities included:

* Copywriting content for Deliveroo’s Foodscene blog, these articles would include local restaurant profiles, food trends, and cuisine inspiration, these blog posts improved my SEO knowledge significantly and improved audience engagement to the website.
* Designing, creating and distributing email at a mass marketing scale to incredibly specific audiences.
* Directing, producing, filming and editing videos for Deliveroo’s social media accounts, including Talal Tastes Stuff, which was a recognized video series by all of Deliveroo’s 12 international markets gaining close to 1 million views in total.
* Set up, break down and management of on-group events, these included designing the stands, competition props, and freebies at the likes of The Dubai Motor Show and the Color Run

photography & design